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Dispute resolution Online

Riga Arbitration court adapts to world trends, therefore resolution of disputes in Riga Arbitration Court has become even simpler!

Riga Arbitration court offers a unique opportunity- dispute resolution online, using video conferencing! The court hearing will be available everywhere - there are no boundaries!

You can now attend the court hearing online and there is no need to appear in person. It is possible to use video conferencing and it does not matter where you are, in a nearby room or in another city or country (if it is necessary - also for an interpreter and an expert).

Being able to handle disputes online will save time and money for people in the business world! Riga Arbitration court is developing, becoming even more accessible, modern, and safer, always thinking about the participants/entrepreneur amenities and the availability of arbitration proceedings.

You can apply for a video conference by formally submitting the application to the Riga Arbitration court or by indicating this in the application for a claim or in the response to the Claim.
The Chairman of the Arbitration Court will make a decision on the time and place of the video conference within 1 (one) working day.

Any party who is involved in the process can apply to a video conference at least 5 (five) working days until the appointed court hearing. Arbitration participant needs to provide a computer with a good internet connection and a video camera so that the other participants can hear and see each other well.

If you have any questions e-mail: ,
or call +37167365100.

Best regards and wishing luck,
Chairman of the Riga Arbitration Court Jurijs Ņikuļcovs