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One of the main privileges of market economy is an opportunity to choose. In order to choose the right place of dispute resolutions, it is necessary to be aware of the basic advantages of an arbitration court and assess the facts connected with its operation.

In a modern society arbitration is a widely acknowledged and applicable method of settling economic disputes not only within one particular state, but also in the sphere of international commercial relationships and trade. An institution of arbitration is successfully functioning in our country since the 1990’s. The number of disputes resolved in arbitration courts reaches tens of thousands. An arbitration court has a number of advantages in comparison with the public state court.

It is important to point out that the Riga Arbitration Court is one of the most experienced arbitration courts of Latvia as it was registered in 1999, and has more than a thousand of examined claims on its account. The decisions of the Riga Arbitration Court are acknowledged in all countries throughout the world. A permanent panel of judges consists of well-known and reputed Latvian attorneys and lawyers, possessing a considerable experience in reviewing civil disputes.

The main principles of operation of the Riga Arbitration Court are lawfulness, confidentiality, objectivity as well as independence and impartiality of the arbitrators.

Choosing the Riga Arbitration Court as a trusted instance, you ensure the quality, objectivity and short terms of decision-making – without bureaucratic procedures and extra expenses.

See you at Rīga Arbitration court!

Jurijs Ņikuļcovs/ Chairman of Rīga Arbitration court and Presidium of Riga Arbitration court
Inese Ļahoviča/ Member of the Presidium Riga Arbitration court




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