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Achievements of the RAC

The Riga Arbitration Court exists for already 23 year. During this time many targets and tasks were set.

Let us remind that the Riga Arbitration Court exists since 1999. Already in 2005, according to the calculation made by the Court, the total number of enterprises which trusted the Riga Arbitration Court to review their cases amounted more than 3500.

Every year the amount of the cases submitted to the RAC is continuously growing. More specifically, during the last year this number increased by 29,5%. In 98% of the cases reviewed in the Riga Arbitration Court writs of execution were received without delay in official courts. This testifies the quality of the decisions made by our high-qualified judges. Speaking about which – there are 57 judges in the staff, and it is not yet a limit.

The Riga Arbitration Court is proud to claim that it works for the benefit of the society and has achieved so much that it can give guidance to the others absolutely selflessly. Thus, the RAC posts the news and articles on its homepage, informs and educates its subscribers, providing them with the necessary information about various laws, legal proceedings, rules and changes in the sphere of entrepreneurship and jurisprudence in general.

RAC constantly receive letters of thanks and positive feedback from our followers. The RAC also provides free of charge service in the form of fast qualified consultations, document templates, contract editing and correction, etc.

The RAC also actively participates in social life of Latvia, follows the current news and keeps up with the times.