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About RAC



High level of qualification and competence of arbitrators


Strong panel of judges of the Riga Arbitration Court is noticed by many entrepreneurs and professional lawyers. Our regulations allow the sides to choose an arbitrator at their discretion as well as to invite a specialist not included in the list of the judges of the Riga Arbitration Court to participate in the dispute resolution. Altogether the RCA has 58 judges.


Technical support


The Riga Arbitration Court provides rapid qualified consultations, document templates, contract editing and correction, useful data in the form of the articles posted on its homepage, informational letters sent to our subscribers, publications in the social networks, etc.


Personal Office


For the claimants who submitted their applications to the RAC (Claimant – a person, who puts a claim forward, submits an application to the court) the Court has created a resource, which allows to check at which stage is the filed case at any time and keep informed about the whole process. Only the claimant has the access to the Personal Office, which ensures the confidentiality.


Quick review of the case — only 5-6 weeks.


This is connected with the 3 basic factors: 1) the decision of an arbitration court is final and cannot be appealed against; 2) there is no system of reviewing the case at several instances; 3) if one of the parties does not appear at the hearing of the case without a valid reason or does not submit a claim recall, an arbitration court reviews the case without its (party’s) participation.


Lower litigation costs


An overall litigation duration in the arbitration court is relatively short, therefore the total costs for the whole legal proceedings of the party involved in the case are much lower.


Confidentiality of the process


The hearings of the Riga Arbitration Court are closed. Entities that are not the participants of the process may attend the hearings solely with the consent of both parties. The Riga Arbitration Court does not publish or issue to the third parties the information about the reviewed cases.


Opportunity to define a convenient procedure of a dispute resolution


It is important to emphasize that, unlike at the state court, at the arbitration court the parties have an opportunity to define the dispute settlement procedure, which would be convenient for both of them, including the place of adjudication of the case, its language, form (oral or written procedure, or video conference), etc.