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Rules of court
Fee Bill

Fee Bill


Annex Nr.2 to the Rules of Riga Arbitration Court

  Amount of claim Legal expenses Arbitrator's fee
In case the dispute is resolved by
1 arbitrator 3 arbitrators

Up to 1500 EUR

10% from the sum, but not less than 70 EUR          

100 EUR

100 EUR


From 1501 EUR to 7000 EUR

200 EUR+

4% from the sum exceeding 1500 EUR                   


200 EUR

150 EUR


From 7001 EUR  to 30 000 EUR

300 EUR +

3.2% from the sum exceeding 7000 EUR                                    

300 EUR

200 EUR


From 30 001 EUR to 150 000 EUR

550 EUR +

1.6% from the sum exceeding 30 000 EUR                 

500 EUR

300 EUR


From 150 001 EUR to 700 000 EUR

1500 EUR+

1% from the sum exceeding 150 000 EUR                     

900 EUR

500 EUR


From 700 001 EUR  to 1 500 000 EUR

3500 EUR+

0.6 % from the sum exceeding 700 000 EUR

1300 EUR

700 EUR


Above 1 500 001 EUR



0.1% from the sum exceeding 1 500 000 EUR        

2200 EUR

1100 EUR

Immaterial claims

250 EUR + 100 EUR per each claim (except single claim)

250 EUR + 100 EUR per each claim (except single claim)

150 EUR + 70 EUR per each claim (except single claim)


1)Where the party wants to make the protocol of the arbitral hearings, it shall pay remuneration of 150 EUR to the arbitration court for the services of the secretary for the every day of the arbitral hearing regardless of hours the secretary worked.

2) Remuneration for the services of the interpreter is defined based on the estimate drawn by the interpreter, certified interpreter or interpretation services agency.

3) Remuneration for the services of the expert is defined based on the estimate drawn by the expert, expert bureau or other institution performing the expertise.

4) Travel and accommodation expenses of the arbitrator are defined based on the calculation and proving documents submitted by the arbitrator.

5) Office duty is charged for copying documents and materials of the case in the amount of 1 EUR per one sheet; scan - 0,5 EUR per one sheet.

6) For sending of notification about receipt of the claim to each additional party except any of the plaintiff's or defendant'sparties and/or to each additional address(the second, the third, etc) and/orrepeatedly are levied with additional сlerical expenses in the amount of30 EUR per each additional party, additional address or request of repeated sending of notification.

7) Each party willing to use video conference during the sitting of the Arbitration Court has to pay to the Arbitration Court remuneration in the amount of 200 EUR for arranging the services of the video conference. If the number of the Arbitration Court sittings exceeds  2 (two), each party has to effect extra payment in the amount of at least 200 EUR.

8) Expenses of the proceeding are specified without Value Added Tax (VAT)


Arbitration expenses are to be paid to:

Biedrība «Rīgas šķīrējtiesas dibinātājs»
Reģ.Nr. 40008023425
Vecpilsētas iela 19, Rīga, LV-10500


Konts: LV25HABA0551036305891