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About RAC
Court staff

Court staff



Jurijs Ņikuļcovs
Chairman of the Court
  • Phone: 67365100
  • Mobile phone: 25156055
  • E-mail:

    : info@court.lv


- General administration of the Court’s work
- Court’s development and expanding
- Appointing the judges
- Monitoring the staff’s work

Jurijs, as one of the founders of the Riga Arbitration Court, is our most experienced employee. At present he is the chairman of the RAC, one of the arbitrators as well as one of the members of the Presidium of the Court. Despite such an important post, Jurijs remains a very sociable and opened person. He ensures that the Riga Arbitration Court provides the dispute settlement services rapidly, qualitatively, lawfully and objectively.

Kristīna Ņikuļcova
Head of the Court Development Department


- Mediator of the RAC Mediation House
- Attracting the new clients
- Meetings with the potential clients
- Consulting on the advantages of arbitration proceedings

Kristīna is a cheerful person, fighting for the justice and fairness in the world. She will tell - with great pleasure and in a casual setting - about all the advantages of arbitration proceedings and about how to protect your business. Being responsible for the development of the RAC, she monitors the novelties in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She attends exhibitions and conferences, popularizing the RAC. Every day Kristīna charges her colleagues and clients with an endless positive energy.

Jānis Sīlis
Chairman of the Riga Arbitration Court Auction House
  • Phone: 67365100
  • Mobile phone: 25156055
  • E-mail: kanceleja@court.lv
  • skype: kanceleja.court


- Maintaining communication with the permanent clients
- Controlling the deadlines and the quality of the Chancery’s work
- Conculting the proceedings’ parties
- Correcting the Court’s work

Jānis, being a very careful and punctual person, holds a position that requires accuracy and preciseness. As the Head of the Court Chancery, Jānis ensures that the documents are in order, the parties are aware of the proceedings, and all the stages of the process are passed in compliance with the rules. Jānis is a very polite and decent person, committed to his work entirely in order to develop the arbitration in Latvia.



Ilga Jansone
Head of the Court Chancery


- Receiving the documents submitted to the court
- Sending the documents to the parties
- Formalizing and sending subpoenas
- Organizing the court hearings
- Consulting the parties
- Sending the decision of the case to the parties


Ilga is a sociable and cheerful employee with good organizational skills. She helps the Head of the Chancery maintain quality and rapidness of the Court’s operation. The list of her duties consists not only of the work at the Riga Arbitration Court, but also at the RAC Auction House and the RAC Mediation House. She will meet the new visitors of the mentioned organizations and help them with great pleasure. Her strong and positive energy inspires all the employees and guests of the RAC.

Darja Možarova
Head of the Public Relations Department


- Creating a favorable image of the RCA
- Developing and implementing of programs for external and internal PR
- Participating in social and charity projects
- Popularizing the RAC on the Internet

Darja is a smiling and creative employee. Due to her activeness we participate in various events – social and charity projects, which pulls our collective together and also gives a large contribution to our society. She prepared interesting articles, recommendations and press-releases for the clients of the RAC. Our image is in the hands of this wonderful girl. Optimism, indifference and justice — these are the main values for Darja.