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Court history

Court history


"«Reviewing the disputes quickly and competently, we make the world of business more decent and reasonable" /The RAC mission/


The Riga Arbitration Court became one of the leaders amongst arbitration courts in Latvia, and now it actively develops and offers top quality arbitration proceedings. What has it started from?


On the 1st of March 1999, after the new Civil Procedure Law came into force, a new opportunity for entrepreneurs in Latvia appeared. The state gave them the right to decide by themselves, whether the dispute will be reviewed in a state or an arbitration court.


At the origins of the Riga Arbitration Court were two lawyers – Jurijs Ņikuļcovs and Viktors Kasjanovs, who appreciated the importance of arbitration. On the 1st of April 1999, an application for registration of the Arbitration court was submitted to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia. This is our Birthday!


For today, the administration of the Riga Arbitration Court is performed by Jurijs Ņikuļcovs, holding the position of the chairman of the RAC as well as being one of the arbitrators.


The RAC actively promotes the popularization of the arbitration in Latvia. In 2014 the founder of RAC (Biedrība "Rīgas šķīrējtiesas dibinātājs") also created two new structures — RAC Mediation House и RCA Auction House — which also follow the mission of the RAC.




Time passes, and entrepreneurs start to realize the advantages of arbitration proceedings and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Year in year out, the Riga Arbitration Court expands and evolves, helping the flourishing of business and economy. During its existence, the RAC managed to reach greater heights. (See Achievements of the RAC)