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About RAC

About RAC


One of the most important privileges in the market economy is freedom of choice. The more rival suppliers on the market, the wider the spectrum of offered services and goods, the better protection of consumer rights and smaller possibility to purchase defective item. In our everyday life we easily apply the freedom of choice, for instance, when shopping. Rival items are placed side-by-side and prices, quantities and manufacturers are displayed. But what we are to do when we need to choose a court for eventual settlement of some dispute? In this case to make a right choice we have to get some idea about the advantages of the Arbitrage and evaluate facts related to the actions of Arbitrage.

Arbitrage as institution successfully operates in our country as of the nineties. The number of disputes settled by Arbitraries, step beyond ten thousands. Arbitrage is one of the alternatives for settling the dispute alongside the discussions and mediation. Unfortunately there is a part of society, including businessman, who are circumspect towards settling the conflicts in Arbitrage. Due to these reasons many businessman, when concluding the contract, are hesitant about selecting the court: official court or Arbitrage.

Arbitration court is private institution that solves civil disputes within the scope of its competence; Arbitrage has line of preferences compared to official court, for instance:

1. Hearing of the dispute is prompt.
Usually the proceedings at Arbitration court last for 4 - 5 weeks. This is due to three basic factors:
First, unlike the official court, there is no hearing of dispute at several instances;
Second, if one of the parties does not attend the court hearing without plausible reason or does not submit reference on the claim, the Arbitrage hears the dispute in absence of the disputant;
Third, the verdict of Arbitrage is final and non-appealable.

2. The highest qualification and competence level of Arbitraries.
One of the basic principles characterizing the Arbitrage – we attract persons that are competent and skilled in precisely the sphere where the dispute arose. The Parties choose at their own one or several Arbitraries to review the existent or eventual dispute.

3. Lower court costs
Taking into account the fact that in most cases the total time of proceedings (from moment of submitting the claim till final verdict) at Arbitrage is significantly shorter then within the official court system, the total court costs in Arbitrage (state tax, legal fee, travel expenses, unearned profit etc) are lower.

The verdict of arbitration court becomes effective with announcement and is non-appealable.

Rīga Arbitration court is independent, permanent Arbitrage that is founded on the base of Latvian legislation and registered in the Arbitration Register under number 40003756873. Rīga Arbitration court hears disputes between legal and physical persons under its competence.

It has to be noted that Rīga Arbitration court is the eldest and most popular Arbitrage in Latvia; it was registered in 1998, and in the course of its actions has settled more then several thousands of disputes. The verdicts of Rīga Arbitration court are recognized in all countries around the world. The staff at Rīga Arbitration court includes several prominent Latvian advocates and lawyers with impeccable reputation and huge experience.

The principles of Rīga Arbitration court are: legality, confidentiality, impartiality, independence and objectivity of the Arbitraries during hearings. Arbitrary is trying to reach settlement between the disputants in order to settle dispute by means of discussions, so that disputants would retain their partnership.

Choosing the Rīga Arbitration court as trusted instance, you will exercise your rights of freedom of choice and ensure quality, impartiality and shortest terms in making the verdict – without any bureaucracy obstacles and excess expenses.

Due to the aforementioned reasons Arbitrage is popular in the modern society, and it is perfectly fit method for settling the economic disputes both within one country and internationally in commercial relations and market area.

Our main task as said before – is to settle the disputes impartially and in high quality. Choose to cooperate with professionals!

See you at Rīga Arbitration court!

Jurijs Ņikuļcovs
Chairman of Rīga Arbitration court

Rīgas šķīrējtiesas priekšsēdētājs Mag.Iur. Jurijs Ņikuļcovs